by Animal

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released February 24, 2012

Written and performed by Darla Murphy and Philip Rabalais
Produced by Philip Rabalais
Additional Engineering by David Murphy
Mastered by Focus Mastering



all rights reserved


Animal Fairfield, Iowa

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Track Name: Burning Leaves
O come back
comfort me
the trees fall down
eyes filled with smoke
soil burnt black
we're lost in Him
how will we ever find home
the sky lights up with fire
to wash away all our sins

the trees the smoke and fire
water, black mud
teach me
teach me to outlast the past
Track Name: Milky
Wax me, wane me
I want you to chain me
to your muscle to your bone
you feel so real when we're alone

Milk runs down your legs
you've brought me somewhere far away
inside of you inside of me
there is no us there's only we

reach up, reach in
take my heart, pull it from my body

You push in all the way
you've got me where you want me now
I give to you, you take from me
to fill your holes, to set you free

I'm full up to the brim
you pull the plug and all within me
drains out onto the ground
my emptiness the only sound
Track Name: Biggest One
you are my biggest one
all the paper cranes flowing out my heart could fill up the sky
you are the biggest one you are my coyote
you fill my head with shiny things

you are the biggest one
your fleet of crocodiles chew through the insides of my sugary brains
you are the biggest one to ever hold me tight
your bear claws tear away all my doubt and fright

your biggest soul is a blanket that I wrap around my shoulders cold in the dead of night
your biggest mind is a computer that solves for the Xs of our tiny love

you are the biggest one to ever hold my heart and cup it gently for it to never die
you are the biggest one to ever find that string of gold and hold on tight till the end of time
Track Name: Fall Around
Show me outside of you
and I'll show you inside of me

Show me the world moving
and I'll show you the stillness of us

You mold me a pair of wings
but they melt under the sun
under the heat of the sun

You paint my skin with colors
but it's only black and blue and grey
and I'm waiting for a shade of red

fall around
Track Name: Beat01
Song of mine
you grow out
of nothing special

you grow like
my plants
reaching for the sun
and drinking water

Words of mine
you carry such
dangerous feelings

when I desire
your sharp-toungued knives
to poke small holes
in the one who hurt me

but I'm not scared
I'm not scared
Track Name: January
That's how the wind moves
and this is how the rains fall
and this is total beauty
when sun and leaves blind your sight

This is how the ground melts
that is what happens when the sky burns
and those are our bones ground to dust

this is what is called pain
this is what is called pain
and this is how you kill me
Track Name: People or Plant
I'm writing on the walls
I'm drawing a mountain and moon

I'm painting a picture
to hang in my window

Once this war is won we'll live together
We'll find a shelter and we'll live together

When your cup is full we'll drink together
Once this child is born he'll live forever

I've loved it all with tears in my eyes
Whether it be people or plant
we've now lost our chance